Al Gore & Bill Maher Talk Climate Change & The Deniers

Take a few moments for this video — despite the compromised visual quality, the sound is fine. The conversation flows nicely. Climate Reality leader Al Gore and Bill Maher talk climate change and the deniers. It is a short conversation complete with great reminders and touches of humour (as typical of Maher’s style). Mayer’s questions enhance the stable effectiveness that Al Gore maintains with his intelligent prowess as he continues sharing his insights and wisdom regarding climate change and politics.

Excuse the poor quality of the video, but listen along as Maher points out a few other issues and highlights that Al Gore was dead on regarding a few other things — not only his continuing work and conversation of climate change. The two touch on the strength of the recent COP21 conference in Paris and offer that the Paris Agreement is a definite turning point.

New Energy News shared this short talk and conversation between Bill Maher and Al Gore, so thanks to that site for bringing it to our radar.

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