Dogs Prefer Electric Cars

Originally published on EV Obsession.

The wildlife in my front yard feels completely at ease with my silent Nissan LEAF. I am not alone or imagining this — someone on the Tesla Motors Club forum shared an even more interesting story than mine. His two dogs prefer to ride in the quiet electric Model S, Leaf, or Roadster over a gasmobile.

He reported that, due to a flat tire, the dogs had to go in his wife’s Infinity. Simply put by this Tesla owner, his dogs would rather not. “They refused to get in. Would circle car but not enter it and went back to model S. Shut engine off and they both went in immediately. Guess the noise was too much.” (Not to mention the fumes of a gas-propelled car.)


The lesson is for all of us, especially those with young children. Noiseless travel puts everyone at ease. Noise pollution is something we accept, but there is no doubt that our nervous system is more at ease with the quiet sounds of nature. I am sure that too much noise — as well as gasoline and diesel fumes — affect our immune responses negatively as well.

Thank you to Chickenlittle on the Tesla Motors Club forum for this insightful story.


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Images: dog by Caroline (CC BY) and Tesla Model S by Cynthia Shahan | EV Obsession |CleanTechnica

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