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Which Major Vehicle Manufacturer is Making Headway in Cutting Emissions in Cars?


It’s no secret that in the fight to protect the planet vehicle emissions are to be cut drastically in the next few decades. Recent EU targets have stated there are to be reductions in vehicle emissions of up to 40% by 2021, otherwise countries face can significant penalties.

This does seem like a tricky situation though as the majority of people and businesses across the EU member states rely on vehicles to help sustain themselves. However, there have already been big steps forward taken by many car manufacturers to produce low-emission eco-friendly cars, including luxury brand Mercedes-Benz.

Busting Misconceptions

There’s a bit of a negative stigma associated with green-vehicles with some people believing that by cutting back on engine capacity you also cut back on performance and luxury. Mercedes, though, is certainly doing its bit to dispel these misconceptions with some of its latest models featuring the latest in hybrid, electric, and low-C02 technologies.

An Economical Range

To give you a clearer idea, what follows are some examples of such cars in the Mercedes-Benz range which can still provide you with top performance while being very much on the green side of the fight against global warming:

Mercedes A180 CDI Eco

This smaller family hatchback lives up to its ‘Eco’ name thanks to the impressive 78.5mph and low CO2 emissions of only 92g/km. Perhaps more impressively though this is in fact a 1.5-litre diesel model and still boasts a dynamic drive and the comfortable interior you’d expect from a Mercedes.

Mercedes C Class 2.1 C200 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Sport

You might be a little puzzled by the ‘BlueEFFICIENCY’ and ‘Sport’ labels being in the same model name for this car, but this particular saloon manages to successfully combine them both. The ‘BlueEFFICIENCY’ range is celebrated for its efficiency, including low-emissions, engine start/stop as well as lighter and more environmentally-friendly design and manufacture. In this model though you get all this, plus, quality trim levels, 68.9mpg and the gutsy acceleration of the magnificent 2.1-litre engine.

Mercedes B Class Electric

Like the name suggests this road car is a 100% electric model and with zero emissions, stunning economy and a Sport version offering 178bhp, it certainly is a great option for going green.

So, don’t be fooled into thinking eco means a terrible vehicle; with Mercedes you can still find the performance car you want from one of the best names in motoring, while at the same time getting in line with emissions.

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