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Our Epic Future: Which Energy Future Will You Choose?

The recent drop in gas prices in the US, while a boon to consumers, is no indication of the viability or longevity of fossil fuels, and continuing to bet on coal, even so-called “clean coal,” or on seemingly-abundant natural gas, isn’t a good move for anyone except the coal power industry. With all that we now know about the relationship between air pollution and its negative effects on human health, we’d have to be mad to consider continuing the use of fossil fuels as a big part of our energy future.

We need to create our energy future now, and the least harmful way we can do it is through clean energy, such as wind and solar and hydro. We know this, and some of the big energy companies know this, and the clean energy investment people know this, but there really hasn’t been a wholesale conversion of investments from fossil fuels into renewable energy. Much of the action being taken right now seems more like hedging, with some token advances into large-scale clean energy production, both solar and wind, as well as the growing residential solar market.

Part of the confusion also comes from the “all of the above” energy policy reasoning, and there are plenty who believe that the best answer to clean energy is nuclear energy. But as the recent Fukushima incident disaster so horribly demonstrated, nuclear also comes at a very steep biological cost when the inevitable accident happens.

Considering that the future of energy starts now, because the technologies and industries that get our support today will be bringing in innovations tomorrow, it’s important that we understand what our choices are, and what the long-term effects or results of those choices are.

“There is a better way. There is a way to power our lives without fossil fuels. There is a solution to climate change without nuclear energy. There is a future where we can solve the climate crisis and power our lives from 100 percent renewable sources and energy efficiency.

Now is the time to create our fossil and nuclear-free future … A fossil and nuclear-free future powered by renewable sources is possible and the transition is happening now. The benefits of clean, affordable and renewable energy compared with the dirty, expensive legacy of fossil fuels and nuclear reactors are obvious.”

The interactive video piece titled Our Epic Future: Create It With Clean Energy aims to not only educate, but to entertain visitors, in the hopes that viewers will see the benefits of clean, affordable, renewable energy over the dirty legacy of fossil fuels.

Go learn about three different future energy scenarios, then take action by getting involved in clean energy campaigns at Make Nuclear History.

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