Remove Those Cookies Before They Burn! (cartoon)

Grandma to tech support...(Bish)

As most of us now know, a “cookie” in this sense (a.k.a, HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie) is a teensy piece of data a website sends to a user’s web browser while the user is on that website. When the user loads the website again, the browser passes on information stored with the cookie. This may include passwords or standard form content, such as a credit card number or an address, that the user has previously entered.

Site directors can also use cookies to require users to authenticate themselves by logging in. Cookies can’t carry viruses or malware (yet?), but their widespread use has prompted scrutiny from lawmakers.

Planetsave has no internet reference for this ‘toon, but it looks as if Randy Bish, a political cartoonist at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review since 1985, may have drawn the original. Could be considered sexist or ageist, but we think it’s funny anyhow. Many thanks, Randy!

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