Design Electric Cars, Solar Power Plants, Offshore Wind Farms… in 3D

design electric cars

Technology is advancing a great deal these days. The pace of change is so fast. The good news is that much of this improvement is happening in the world of cleantech. Solar power is growing fast, and solar technology is becoming more and more efficient fast. Electric car growth is exploding, and the core technologies are improving at a rapid clip. Wind turbine technology continues to improve, and wind power is the cheapest option for new electricity in many if not most places. But there’s still so much work to do.

To stay ahead of the curve and keep up this rapid growth and improvement, people and companies bringing us these solutions and the next generation of these solutions should be using the best design technologies as well. Of course, this isn’t always needed, but great design tools can go a long way in building better electric cars, designing self-driving cars, designing more efficient solar panels, designing larger and more efficient wind turbines, planning solar power and wind power farms in remote locations, and coordinating with others in this increasingly globalized business world.

The company sponsoring this article, Dassault Systemes (disclosure: Dassault Systemes generously supported this article), has excellent-looking tools for such needs, 3D design tools even. If I didn’t think so, I wouldn’t be writing this article. Below are some short demo videos that do a much better job showing what Dassault Systemes has to offer, but before that, here’s a useful note from an executive at electric car rock star Tesla Motors:

“At Tesla Motors, we depend on everybody to be as creative and productive as possible. Part of the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is its ability to allow everybody involved in the product development process to focus on being creative and productive rather than focusing on the process and tools,” said Paul Lomangino, Engineering Tools Director, Tesla Motors. “The ability of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to handle the complexity both in our product and our process as we move forward is very important. Its ability to unify multiple organizations under one banner and bring them all together within a common solution will help us immeasurably going forward.”

An endorsement from Tesla ain’t too bad, eh? Now, here are those videos I mentioned:

Design Electric Cars & Self-Driving Cars: Check out Dassault’s Transportation & Mobility section for an interesting video about self-driving cars using Dassault technology.

Design Wind Power Plants: Check out a video in Dassault’s wind turbines section about how this technology can be used to design, develop, and monitor wind turbines and wind farms.

Design in 3D: And learn more about Dassault’s 3D design tools in general here.

Lastly, check out the video below for a very quick take on Dassault’s offerings.

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