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Published on March 11th, 2014 | by Derek Markham


Can You Plug Your Chainsaw Into The Cigarette Lighter Of An Electric Car?

March 11th, 2014 by

Electric Vehicle coloring book

Even with all of the stories on electric cars in the news each day, and entire websites dedicated to electric vehicles, people still have a lot of questions about them. Some of those questions are pretty straightforward and practical, such as how long you can drive one before having to recharge it, and other ones, such as that in the title of this post, are really off the wall.

To address those offbeat questions that potential electric car owners and those who are just curious about electric vehicles in general might have, an employee of an EV company and her artist friend have come up with a humorous and engaging method of answering them.

Ayumi Kim, who works at a Tesla store, and Sarah W-R, an artist and illustrator, are creating a “modern age coloring book and guide to electric vehicles” full of bizarre questions, anecdotes, and other occurrences experienced by Kim while interacting with customers while selling Teslas.

I’ve literally been asked things like, “Can you plug in a chainsaw into the cigarette lighter?”.

How does one answer that question? I’m not even joking…this really happened. The same guy asked if he could “PLUG THE CAR INTO ITSELF TO CHARGE””

The project, called “An Unpretentious Guide & Coloring Book to Electric Vehicles,” aims to entertain, amuse, and educate people about EVs, while also enabling them to follow their artistic muse (as long as they don’t color outside of the lines).

The forthcoming coloring book, which is expected to contain anywhere from 12 to 24 pages, is said to be filled with funny antics and useful facts and infographics about electric vehicles, and to be both adult- and child-friendly (though with a disclaimer of being “mostly” child-friendly).

The duo has turned to Kickstarter to raise $3500 to get the electric car coloring book published, and the first 50 backers at the $15 level will receive their own copy of it. After those rewards are spoken for, the coloring book will go to backers who pledge $25 or more to the project, which is expected to ship in June 2014.

I’m hoping they answer the question about plugging in a chainsaw to an electric car, because I think we all really want to know if you could actually cut your firewood with power from your Tesla.

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  • Power tools via the Cigarette Lighter adapter? Yeah that’s crazy, but….

    ….as crazy as it sounds, wanting to plug power tools into an EV isn’t such a dumb idea. There is plenty of power in those Lithium Ion Batteries of an EV.

    Via motors are launching plug-in pick-up trucks that will sport both 120v and 240v outlets at the back of the truck for power tools. Via call it ‘power export’

    Armed with an inverter it is possible to power tools from a regular EV such as a Nissan LEAF. 1 or 2 kW 120v outlets can be made available.

    So in a round about way, you CAN plug a chainsaw into your car/truck!!! No coloring book required 🙂

    • Yeah, can’t wait those Via trucks to hit the general consumer market 😀

  • So, wait … CAN you plug a chainsaw into your car?

    • You have to buy the coloring book. 😀

    • Otis11

      Heck yes you can! (Though it takes some hardware) A chainsaw is about 2-5 HP, you car draws a LOT more power for propulsion. Average chainsaw is 3.5 HP and 18 Amps at 120V. That’s 2,160W. At the 12V for your car that’s 180 Amps. Not plausible throughout he cigarette lighter, but if you go to the battery pack terminals or the charging port, and get an inverter, definitely doable. This will kill your range though. 2KW power draw means 1 hour cutting wood will take 10% of your range in a Leaf, 5% isn in a Model S.

      • What if you’re running the chainsaw WHILE DRIVING tho?

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