New Video Shows 25 Years of Arctic Ice Melt in Seconds


Reports out of the Arctic over the past year have been anything but encouraging for planet-watchers. Last year, there was a pond of brackish water where Santa’s sleigh was supposed to be, and the rapid retreat of the North polar ice cap marked a dramatic rise on atmospheric carbon dioxide. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the opening of the Northwest Passage increased the amount of shipping traffic in the region, dumping even more harmful carbon emissions into an already delicate area.

It’s a tough thing to watch, for sure- and it’s about to get tougher. Brian Khan over at Climate Central recently dug up this video showing the dramatic “old” ice melt that’s been occurring in the Arctic sea since 1987. It’s pretty gruesome, but oddly hypnotic. Check it out, along with Brian’s full article, below.


Watch 25 Years of “Old” Ice Melt in Seconds

Watch 27 Years of ‘Old’ Arctic Ice Melt Away in Seconds (via Climate Central)

By Brian Kahn Follow @blkahn The total amount of Arctic sea ice is near record low for this time of year. The amount of ice isn’t the only big story, though. A video from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows a disturbing trend…

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