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Polar Ice Caps are Melting, Shipping Lanes are Opening

Polar Ice Caps Melting

As the Earth’s polar ice caps continue to melt away, shipping companies in the north Atlantic are enjoying a serious boom time. New shipping routes are being opened up, including a “Northwest Passage” that dramatically shortens travel times and fuel costs. Once captain reportedly saved nearly $80,000 on a Vancouver, Canada, to Pori, Finland, trip after having traveled northward around Alaska and through the Northwest Passage.

So, is this a silver lining to global warming, or are we playing with fire running more ships through the melting polar ice caps? You can read more on this story below, in an article that originally appeared on Sustainablog, then let us know what you think in the comments at the bottom of the page.


As Sea Ice Shrinks, Arctic Shipping Options Expand (via sustainablog)

By Janet Larsen and Emily E. Adams On October 7, 2013, the Nordic Orion bulk carrier ship completed its journey from Vancouver, Canada, to Pori, Finland, having traveled northward around Alaska and through the Northwest Passage. It was the first large…

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  • David E.H. Smith

    Nature; How Cultures & Traditions can be used to try &
    explain Bullying & Info Deprivation to Protect the Power of

    reading about the fears of retaliation of the Native Women’s Assoc.
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    negative “stereo typing” of Native chiefs & their councils

    the most vulnerable Native community members (95% – 99% of the
    members of Native communities),

    non Native funders of Native communities


    et al,

    pointing out once again, but, with greater emphasis, that the most
    vulnerable community members, both; Native & non Native, are
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    the bullying, information depriving despots (Death-Pots) by way of
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    therefore, in regard to the recent, June 5, 2014, comments by the
    grand chief of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians Gordon
    Peters about negative “stereotypes”, it has also been suggested
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    Canadians have made:

    1) the
    distinctions between the bullying despots & the most vulnerable
    community members
    2) the distinctions between those
    chiefs & councils that want/need their community members to start
    getting the relevant information, including the information &
    questions in The WAD Accord & its Compensation

    chiefs & councils who need to keep their community members in the
    dark in order to supplicate the most “vulnerables” to
    limited beliefs & “hopes”

    maintain, &/or, enhance their abusive powers.

    Mr. Peters can take some solace in knowing that he may be able to
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    of the chiefs & councils may even graciously admit that some of
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    Doesn’t this suggest that unless you are in the position of being
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    the information & safe forums for the discussion, sharing,
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    potential sponsors of this “helping process” understand the
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    (see; Paul Palango; “Dispersing the Fog”). Therefore, it is for
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    are several reasons why some of these foreign corporate sponsors
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    exchange for:

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    Canada CET Agreement, the TP Partnership, et al


    the “protection” provided by the bullies for the potential
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    potential foreign participants/investors may exclusively &
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    2) some of the potential foreign
    participants are as disgusted with the “unethical” &
    “inhumane” arrangements of corporate Canada & their
    representatives in the government of Canada as many Native & non
    Native Canadians, et al, are. One potential participant said:

    not that we are racist when it comes to dealing with Canadians,

    just that we can’t stand the way that you suck up to us”.

    is to say; while corporate Canada & its political representatives
    “suck up” to the “coveted” foreign investor, the “Canadians”
    also “shi…”, uh, “purge down”. It may be regrettable that
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    does the “much better deal” by way of these “foreign”
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    95% – 99% of the communities’ most vulnerable members


    1% – 5% of the existing political & financial bullies, both;
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    et al.

    aren’t the above reasons why The W.A.D. Accord (aka; The
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    way of closing, now that Mr. Peters’ concerns about negative
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    look forward to reading about your questions, your comments, your
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    E.H. Smith





    more Information & Questions re; The Relationship between Human
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    Facebook; “David Smith, Sidney, BC”,


    “David E.H. Smith” to access RECENT ARTICLES, LETTERS &


  • darrell

    It will be built , and the First Nations will have an opportunity for prosperity . Thousands of people need to be trained to handle a spill on land or sea . First nation leaders are also looking at worst case scenarios , if their fishing grounds are ruined . Like everything else , follow the money .

  • mossonrocks

    So – every time you fill up your vehicle with gasoline – you are financing terrorism by sending money to the middle east

    It is all trade offs.

    If you do not want the pipeline then you obviously do not want the welfare money sent to the indians.

  • Brent Siddons

    “The polls are clear: British Columbians do not want this crazy destructive project to proceed.” You lie only 30% are opposed, the balanced are either undecided or in favour. A classic example of how activists misinform in order to advance their crusade.

  • Kari

    Well since 1970 the overall water level of the oceans has only risen less than inch thus the so called melting of polar ice caps has not really happened. If the polar ice caps completely melt the ocean would rise over 260 feet. So less than inch in over 40 years is not much. The shipping lanes are open due to more ships going through them. More traffic makes it harder for the ice to form. i.e. when the weather drops below freezing you drip your faucets…., to keep it moving and keep it from freezing. Wow what a concept. More traffic, keeps the lanes open

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