Green Your Life Quote Of The Day: “If You Can Afford Your Electric Bill, You Can Afford Solar”

Published on November 28th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Quote Of The Day: “If You Can Afford Your Electric Bill, You Can Afford Solar”

Thanks to Solar Solution AZ for making this its Twitter bio (and for following me on Twitter). It’s true in many cases, especially in Arizona, if you can afford your electric bill, you can afford solar.

For the average American who has the possibility to go solar, the 20-year savings from going solar are actually around $20,000.

But, you may be thinking, you have to put a lot of money down in order to go solar, and then it takes a long time to get that back. Actually, that’s not really how you’d do it. In states where solar leasing is now an option, the majority of people who go solar go that route. In such cases, people put $0 or close to $0 down, and then they pay the solar leasing company monthly for their electricity… and they pay less than they’d pay the electric company.

If that’s not the way you want to go, or if you’re not in a state where solar leasing is an option, it doesn’t really matter — there’s also a $0-down solar loan available all across the US from Admirals Bank. Yep, you put $0 down; you get a loan for a solar power system; you get someone to install that system and pay him or her for it; you pay Admirals Bank back in monthly installments while saving money on your electric bill; and unless you have some pretty lame situation, you save more money than you spend.

Look into it.

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  • Zach S

    Wow! I was pleasantly surprised by this article. I am one of those who seem to believe that using solar panels is more expensive than other electricity.

    I am so glad there is facilities in place to get our energy needs met using a more sustainable energy source.

    I run a Denver house cleaning and maid service focused on delivering excellent customer service and high quality cleaning using environmentally safe cleaning products and sustainable business practices.

    We do not yet have a brick and mortar operation but I would love to go solar powered by some means.
    Our operation is headquartered out of the apartment we live in.

    Do you know of any ways to use solar energy in an apartment complex?

    We host our website with Green Geeks and they purchase wind energy credits for their power, so I wonder if such a mechanism exists to purchase solar energy?

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