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Published on June 15th, 2013 | by Chris Keenan


How The Famous Got Green And What You Can Do

Going green is a great way to help out the environment and to ensure that your descendants can enjoy planet Earth as much as you do today. In fact, people have been going green for years in an effort to preserve the planet for the future. This includes everyone from presidents to celebrities.


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Celebrities Who Went Green

President Andrew Jackson was the first to set aside land for preservation in 1832. He established legislation to protect an area in Arkansas that is now known as Hot Springs Reservation. Later on, President Abraham Lincoln ceded Yosemite Valley and the Great Sequoia Forest to the state of California, an area of land that would later become Yosemite National Park.

Today, many celebrities do what they can to further the green movement. Actor Brad Pitt founded the “Make It Right Initiative” in 2007 to focus on building affordable, sustainable homes for the needy. The initiative has helped build many homes for people in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, an area devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Cameron Diaz was one of the first people to drive a hybrid car, helping to increase the visibility of this new technology. She also hosted a show called “Trippin’” that focused on the many eco-adventures of guests on the program. Even St. Elsewhere’s Dr. Victor Ehrlich, known in real life as actor Ed Begley Jr, lives in an environmentally friendly home, drove one of the first electric vehicles in the 1970s, and now works as an environmentalist. Ed Begley Jr’s house is a Platinum LEED-certified home, meaning that it has achieved the highest rating possible from the US Green Building Council in sustainability, and for having a minimal to nil impact on the environment.

How You Can Go Green

You can also make the effort to go green in your day-to-day life with just a few changes. These small changes can add up to a dramatic reduction in pollution, energy usage, and used resources. Start by taking a look at the major areas of your life, such as home, work, and travel. Many people can make the biggest changes in how they get to work, and what they do at home.

It may not be possible to go off the grid entirely, but you can start cutting back on energy usage by installing energy-efficient appliances and fluorescent light bulbs or LEDs, and reducing the amount of energy you use for different tasks. For instance, simply turning off the lights when you leave the room can save a lot of energy and cut your electric bill. At work, you could save money and the environment by packing your lunch using reusable containers and washing them at home. Getting to work can even be an exercise in environmental friendliness by taking the bus, walking, or using an energy efficient vehicle. Many of you can also now go solar for cheaper than paying for electricity.

While the steps towards living green made by celebrities and those in the government are impressive, the biggest changes come from everyday people. Take a look at home, work, and travel and see if there’s any place you could make a small change to create a big savings. Chances are, these small changes will also improve your budget and your health.

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