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Green Inventions That Could Change The Way We Live

wind and solar togetherIn 2013, we’re all aware of the environmental dangers that the planet is currently facing. The trouble, however, is that not enough is currently being done about it.

Thankfully, there are small, relatively new inventions that are already on the market that, if bought by everyone, could help the planet in a big way as well as having the potential to change the way that we live.

Solar Panels

Solar panels were quite expensive 10 years ago, but the price of this super green electricity option has dropped tremendously in the past few years. Since 2000, the price of solar panels in the US have dropped 70%. In other words, a system that cost $10,000 ten years ago would cost $3,000 today.

For those who don’t want to drop the down payment on a solar panel system, or get a loan for one, there are also solar leasing options in several places now that can reduce your electricity bill from Day 1 (and forever after save you money on electricity).

Haven’t looked into going solar lately? Take a look.

LED Lighting

An invention for the home, LED lighting has been around for some time, but it hasn’t been until relatively recently that LEDs have begun springing up in and around the home.

Much of this is due to the fact that, once upon a time, LEDs were very expensive to manufacture, but thanks to improvements in technology, they are now affordable to just about everyone.

As LEDs are so efficient (80%), they can save you up to $100 a year if you install them in every room in the house, and can return their investments within two years.

With online stores such as the LED Lighting Depot supplying LEDs, we could very soon find every home immersed in LED lighting.

White Goat Machines

Probably one of the strangest, yet entirely conceivable machines found on the market, the white goat machine is a machine that transforms shredded paper into toilet paper.

Although the idea may seem strange, the average person uses 39 pounds of toilet paper every year — that’s roughly one third of a tree.

Though the White Goat Machine is currently only on sale in Japan, with just 40 sheets of paper, you could receive a fresh roll of toilet paper in just 30 minutes; costing just 12 cents a roll.

If every office in the country invested in a White Goat Machine, every single machine could save 60 trees a year. And, if multiplied, the White Goat Machine could be saving thousands of kilometres of precious forest every year.

3D Printers

Over the past couple of years, 3D printers have been causing a great stir in the media, as they could revolutionise the way we manufacture, consume, and even work.

The greatest thing about 3D printers, of course, is the fact that they could also revolutionise the energy industry in a way that just a few years ago we would never have thought possible.

John J Licata, Chief Energy Strategist of Blue Phoenix, an independent technology research company said:

“3D printing can produce extremely thin solar cells which can be printed on untreated paper, plastic or fabric rather than expensive glass.

“Therefore the advanced ability to create flexible solar panels at a lighter weight could have bigger positive implications for wearable hi-tech clothing, radios and future electronics.”

With the potential of 3D printers becoming a household object within the next twenty years, we could very well see a future where we can print off our very own solar panels.

This post was supported by LED lighting Depot, a UK based retailer of LED lighting solutions.

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    indeed, LED lights is the future of lighting. Aside from using less energy and being friendly to the eyes, it gives a home a very modern and sophisticated feel. I’m all about using LED lamps and pendants but one great tip that I’ve read someplace else is with the use of under cabinet lighting like this http://tinyurl.com/a5lsydd. Install these under cabinets – great look! Trust me.

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