Why Climate Deniers Have No Scientific Credibility

Why Climate Deniers Have No Scientific Credibility

Ever wonder where the climate deniers stand in the scientific community? Although it is not uncommon to see a news contributor (aka: research scientist) on one of the opinionated news outlets state the long-debunked nonsense that “human-caused global warming is not real,” these scientists almost always base their findings upon opinion and not peer-reviewed facts. (The sad part is they often influence many to believe they are correct without ever producing any peer-reviewed data to back up their denial.)

Why Climate Deniers Have No Scientific Credibility

So what exactly does all the scientific peer-reviewed literature say about human-caused global warming?

After some lengthy research and sifting through thousands of scientific peer-reviewed literature, it looks like James Lawrence Powell may have the answer.

Why Climate Deniers Have No Scientific Credibility – In One Pie Chart (via Desmogblog)

This is a guest post by James Lawrence Powell.* Polls show that many members of the public believe that scientists substantially disagree about human-caused global warming. The gold standard of science is the peer-reviewed literature. If there is disagreement among scientists, based not on opinion…

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