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How To Winter-Proof Your Roof – Tips For Staying Warm During December

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Note: while most of this post is relevant to anyone with a home anywhere, it is somewhat focused on UK residents.

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The cold winds of winter are beginning to take their toll, which is prompting homeowners nationwide to prepare their property for winter. For anyone aiming to winter-proof their home this December, however, the most important thing is to develop a strategic plan of action with a clearly defined starting point. Given that residential owners are most likely to lose heat through the roof of their home, this should be taken care as a matter of urgency if you are to stay warm this winter.


How to Winter-Proof your Roof: Three Steps to Success

So, what practical steps can you take to evaluate your roof and ensure that it is insulated against the cold winter weather? Consider the following:

  • Conduct a Thorough Check of Your Roof: Roof tiles, guttering and pipes are exposed to harsh weather conditions all year round, and their performance lies on your ability to maintain them. With this in mind, it is crucial that you check your property’s guttering and drain pipes to make sure that they are free of debris and excess water. It is also wise to inspect your existing roof tiles, timber, and brickwork, as this will allow you to identify any issues and make repairs prior to the biting winter cold.
  • Insulate Your Loft: While all new build homes are insulated as standard, the majority of existing properties must have this done retrospectively. Insulating your loft is key to minimising the amount of heat and energy that escapes from your roof, however, and it can have significant financial and environmental benefits. Although the individual shape of your roof will dictate which type of insulation is most suitable, loft insulation can help homeowners to reduce their energy bills by 25% during the course of a calendar year. It has also gone some way to lowering carbon emissions and creating a more prosperous natural environment.
  • Embrace the Green Roof: Given that UK citizens currently have a greater degree of social and environmental responsibility than at any point in history, it is understandable that an increasing number of homeowners are embracing eco-friendly principles. It is with this in mind that green roofing has become extremely popular in the UK, although its benefits go far beyond minimising energy consumption and utilising natural resources. Green roofing is also far more durable than its more traditional alternatives, while it allows homeowners to retain the majority of the heat that they produce (saving money).

Author Bio: This article was written by Electric Point. To find out more about winter-proofing your roof and keeping warm this December, visit the website today.

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  • MCASRoofing

    A roofing inspection in the fall is imperative to protecting your roofing through the winter!

  • MCASRoofing

    A roofing inspection in the fall is imperative to protecting your roofing through the winter!

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