The Chevy Volt Beats The Prius Where It Really Matters — The Wallet


The Chevy Volt doesn’t come close to touching the Toyota Prius in terms of popularity and sales figures, but when it comes to energy consumption and emissions? The Volt not only has its hands around the Prius’ throat, but it’s pretty much smashed it into the mud.

Writer Evelyn Lamb did the math comparing the two hybrids, using her parents’ Chevy Volt (which, apparently, they bought instead of a Corvette – awesome!) as her measuring standard:

…in the 11 months of available data, Lamb’s parents drove 10,102 miles, about average for a typical American family. In that time, the Volt ran on just electricity for 9,186 miles, almost 91% of the time, using 2,437 kWh of electricity. This includes almost 40 miles of daily work commute, done almost entirely on battery power.The other 9% required using the gas generator, though in 11 months Lamb’s parents have used just 24.4 gallons of gasoline. I know people who go through that much in a week!

The result — the Volt cost the Lambs just barely over $300 USD for 11 months and 10,000 miles of largely electric driving, and that’s before we even get into emissions. Head on over to our sister site Gas2 for the rest of the story!

Source: Gas2
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