Dennis Leary Sings 'Kiss My A$$' – Musical Parody Skewers Americans' Attitude, Apathy [VIDEO]

Published on July 19th, 2012 | by

July 19th, 2012 by

Comedian and social critic Dennis Leary —  star of the cable series Rescue Me — returns to form in the most sardonic of ways with this new video now making the rounds on Youtube.

The music video — published in early July — adopts a ‘brat pack’ era, swing sound/style to propel Leary’s (surprisingly well sung) biting mockery of the current American do-nothing-about-climate-change mentality. It also manages to make a public service announcement to boot!

Leary, a long-time smoker, and most lately the featured actor on a TV drama about putting out fires (mostly, lot’s of sex too), has apparently had enough with pollution, or at least, with his fellow countrymen not giving a damn while the world around them succumbs to one eco-disaster after another…

WARNING: The video contains some very FOUL language (as we wold expect from Leary — unless you’ve never heard his stand-up shtick)…ENJOY!

Dennis Leary sings “Kiss My Ass!’



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  • Sherrie Pasarell

    Thanks, Michael.
    Denis is onto something.
    I myself have become more detached and complacent over time.
    Over time, my concern on the issues has morphed into “actions” limited to so-called armchair activism. I do try to keep on legislators for accountability re: where they stand.. the fact that I suspect my actions may have only little impact doesn’t deter me.
    Speaking for myself, and on behalf of all the rest, who aren’t here to defend themselves– Yeah, laziness is right up there. -and also increased pressure, some of it self-imposed, associated with day to day survival issues. –No, in this part of the world, ours may be better described as subsistence issues.

  • Ahhh….Dennis. Thank you. Frackin’ brilliant. More, please. But all satire aside, I think the issue isn’t just lazyness, or political expediency…indeed the new discovery in Texas (as reported here, on PlanetSave) may shed light on a much more serious problem: