Global Warming News Roundup


Below is a global warming news roundup I posted on sister site CleanTechnica… thought it was a tad relevant to Planetsave, so reposting in full.

Though, first, a few stories posted since the roundup are as follows:

  1. Climate Change Is Simple: We Are Completely Screwed If We Don’t Do Something Fast
  2. Brookings Gets It, Then Loses It, on Clean Energy
  3. What Are Greenhouse Gas Emissions? How Much Does the US Emit?

OK, now, onto the roundup:

Oil Companies Fear Financial Impacts of Climate Change (+ Global Warming & Climate Change News Roundup) (via Clean Technica)

 Some top global warming and climate change news from around the interwebs (a new feature here on CleanTechnica): Oil Companies That Caused Climate Change Now Fear Its Financial Impacts We all know oil companies make an amazing amount of money ($33.5 billion in 2012 first quarter profits by the Big…

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  • Michael Jones

    Hi Zach,
    I know it’s a little late to comment but what are your thoughts concerning the CEO of Exxon-Mobile, Rex Tillerson, and his recent comments on Global Warming? Admitting that the planet will warm with increase emissions and have a climate impact should have been a breakout story. No one seems to call him to the carpet for his “solutions” of “adapting” with “engineered technology”. Nor was he challenged directly by his statement that “models” can not be relied upon. Seems a golden opportunity to bring the issue to the public has been wasted.
    Oh, I live now in North Carolina and the legislators are so “bought” that natural gas fracking” has sneaked its way here. Governor Purdue vetoed the bill and because of a mistake in a vote it was overturned! There were 10,000 calls to the Governor on this issue and I was part of a group of 200 plus concerned citizens that went to the capital to lobby against the bill. Seems the “conservatives” had it all locked up beforehand.
    Anyway, to me at least, these oitched battles (Keystone pipeline) will not turn the tide to rapidly convert our economy to alternative energy and we are falling in the trap of the delay/ debate circle. Thanks for all the coverage on this issue.