Published on March 1st, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan

Green News of the Day

Top clean, green energy news of the day; global warming news of the day; and a bit more:

Clean, Green Energy

  1. Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012 Introduced
  2. How Wind Turbines Work
  3. GE Doubled Global Solar Power Investments in Last Year
  4. New Solar & Wind Power Projects (Largest Wind Power Project in Washington, Largest PV Farm in Texas, & More)
  5. Bill Gates & Energy Secretary Steven Chu Discuss 21st Century Energy Challenges (VIDEO)
  6. New World Record for Tandem Polymer Solar Cell Efficiency
  7. What’s the Best Solar Technology for Your Home, Community, Business or Farm?
  8. New Wind Down, Nuclear Up as UK Rethinks Energy Mix
  9. Australia Solar Flagships: Moree Solar Farm Rebids
  10. How German Solar Has Made All German Electricity Cheaper
  11. German Utilities Fight Solar’s Cost-Cutting Merit Order Effect

Global Warming

  1. Economist William Nordhaus Smacks Down the Wall Street Journal Deniers
  2. Ocean Acidification Rate May Be Unprecedented, Study Says
  3. Oceans’ acidic shift may be fastest in 300 million years
  4. Pollutocrat Deniers Charles And David Koch File Suit To Take Over The Cato Institute
  5. New Data: 81 Percent of Climate Deniers Think Scientists Are In It “For Their Own Interests”
  6. Mean right hook: Conservative judge deals blow to polluters in climate trial
  7. Poll: Americans’ Understanding of Climate Change Increasing With More Extreme Weather, Warmer Temperatures
  8. FEMA Administrator On Climate Change: ‘We Need To Forcefully Communicate The Risk We Face’


  1. Greenpeace climbers bring messages of support for Japanese to summit of Mt Fuji
  2. Keystone Oil Pipeline Seen Raising Gas Prices in Midwest: Energy
  3. Chicago goes coal-free
  4. And a Nissan Leaf for All (in the United States)


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