Published on February 29th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan

4 Awesome Bicycling Videos!

Copenhagenize, a tremendous bicycling blog based in… Copenhagen, recently posted four awesome bicycling videos (ads/commercials, basically). None of the videos are in English, but Copenhagenize’s Mikael Colville-Andersen took the time out of his day to translate them. They’re great advertisements for bicycling, I think, and most of them are just plain funny, too. So, here they are, including Mikael’s translations:

Then there’s this one. Italian asks how the guy got there today and replies, “Bicycle”. Italian men laugh. Italian men get into car and explode.

Tagline: Cyclists live longer.

Tagline at the end: If siting on a bicycle is like this… we do we sit in traffic jams?
Ride your bike to work. It’s a good cause.


Voice from PA system: “Attention to the owner of the blue Saab 900, license plate XB22BH. You have forgotten to enable your handbrake.”

“Attention, the blue Saab is rolling towards the yellow Lotus.”

Tagline: No inconveniences? Take the bike!

Motorist is shown an ink blot.

Doctor: What do you see?

Motorist: Car.

Doctor: (Voiceover): The first phase is denial.

Motorist: Car.

Motorist watches bicycle films.

Doctor: (Voiceover) You have to present the addict with the cure for the problem.

Motorist gets onto stationary bicycle.

Doctor: (Voiceover) Then they have to take their own initiative.

Motorist outside on bicycle.

Doctor: (Voiceover) When they can do it on their own, we’ll let them go. Car addiction (or slavery) is a underestimated problem. We have to help these people.

Doctor’s last line: Yeah, somebody has to do something about traffic jams.


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