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Activism News of the Day (VIDEO)

Top green & animal activism news of the day from around:

Lucy Lawless & Greenpeace Activists Arrested

Lucy Lawless (XENA) and 6 other Greenpeace activists were arrested yesterday for climbing a Shell oil rig headed to the Arctic.

Greenpeace Activists Climb Mt Fuji to Call for Nuclear-Free Japan

Greenpeace activists elsewhere, meanwhile, were preparing yesterday to climb Mt. Fuji, which they are doing now, call for a nuclear-free Japan. From Greenpeace:

As the eleven climbers from Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA scaled the mountain, a banner reading “No Nuclear” and “Nuclear Free Tomorrow” was deployed at Lake Yamanakako, one of five lakes at the base of Mt Fuji, by a second team of Greenpeace activists.

“Greenpeace is taking messages for Fukushima collected from thousands of people in Japan and all over the world (1) to the top of Mt Fuji to help convince the Japanese Government to listen the voices of the people, not the nuclear industry,” said Wakao Hanoaka, Greenpeace Japan Campaign Manager.

“On March 11th, we will pause to reflect on the lives lost in the tragic earthquake and tsunami one year ago; but we must also remember those whose lives have been irrevocably damaged by radioactive contamination,” said Hanoaka. “We cannot forget the terrible price they are paying for Japan’s blind obsession with nuclear.”

Occupy Our Food Supply a Big Success

A global action known as “Occupy Our Food Supply” took place yesterday and was deemed a huge success, as Rainforest Action Network notes: “The day included more than 100 events across the globe, united an unprecedented alliance of more than 60 Occupy groups and 30 environmental, food and corporate accountability organizations, and featured prominent voices including Indian environmentalist Vandana Shiva, music legend Willie Nelson, actor Woody Harrelson, authors Raj Patel, Anna Lappe, Gary Paul Nabhan, author Michael Ableman and Marion Nestle, among others.”

Greenpeace Issues Report on Nuclear Risks

Greenpeace has a new report out on the risks of nuclear power. Check out the report, “Lessons from Fukushima,” for more.

Organic Farmers Lose in Lawsuit against Monsanto

Unfortunately, organic farmers and organic food organizations have lost a lawsuit against Monsanto. The plaintiffs were seeking “a ruling that would prohibit Monsanto from suing the farmers or dealers if their organic seed becomes contaminated with Monsanto’s patented biotech seed germplasm.”

Coca Cola Hired Spy Company to Investigate PETA, Wikileaks Reveals

Wikileaks documents retrieved from the spy firm Stratfor reveal that Coca Cola hired the company to investigate PETA. Are you kidding me?!

Stratfor’s vice president for counterterrorism and corporate security wrote in an email to Coca Cola: “The FBI has a classified investigation on PETA operatives. I’ll see what I can uncover.”

“The exchange is part of the 5 million Stratfor emails that Wikileaks promises to release in coming weeks,” Will Potter notes.

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Images: Greenpeace activists via Greenpeace; Mt Fuji via shutterstock; Occupy the Food Supply sign via Rainforest Action Network; Greenpeace nuclear activists via Greenpeace; large silver gavel via afsart; Coca Cola sign via shutterstock

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