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global warming

Catastrophic Global Warming & Climate Change Underestimated

Yep, catastrophic global warming predictions by climate scientists have underestimated probably warming if we don’t curb emissions fast. (Not a surprise that another study has found this — I’ve covered this numerous times in the past, since it’s well-known previous projections didn’t include important warming feedback loops.) Of course, this poses a serious threat to food security.

“While warmer temperatures already have implications for food production in the tropics, the new findings suggest the increase in the volatility of summertime temperatures will have serious effects in grain-growing regions of Europe and North and South America,” Skeptical Science reports.

greenpeace activists arctic oil rig

10 Reasons Not To Drill For Oil In The Arctic

Greenpeace has summarized a list of 10 important reasons not to drill in the Arctic for oil. Whether you’re a newbie to this topic or an expert in it, I think you can find some use in checking out its list.

Summarized, the 10 points together show that drilling for oil in the Arctic is insanely stupid.

Congressmen Henry Waxman & Edward Markey Look To Restart U.S. Carbon Tax Debate

Leading Climate Hawks in the U.S. Congress are looking to restart talks about instituting a carbon tax in the U.S., following more advanced decisions by South Africa, Australia, and China to pursue such highly needed policies.

“Democrats Henry A. Waxman and Edward J. Markey teamed up late last week with Republicans Sherwood Boehlert and Wayne Gilchrest, formerly Congressmen for New York and Maryland districts, to pen a joint editorial in the Washington Post arguing that a carbon tax could tackle both the environmental and the fiscal crisis the US faces,” Business Green writes.

TAKE ACTION: Stop BAD Global Warming Education Effort

We’ve posted on the Heartland Institute’s campaign to bring global warming conspiracy theories and debunked science into the classrooms of your children numerous times now. Luckily, a 17-year-old opposed to this has started a petition trying to stop it from happening. To support his efforts, sign the “Keep Climate Denial Out Of Our Schools” petition now!

peter gleick heartland insider

Climate & Water Scientist Who Leaked Heartland Institute Board Documents Has Emails Published, Stepping Down From Pacific Institute (At Least Temporarily)

Emails between Peter Gleick, who leaked the Heartland Institute’s board documents by claiming he was a board member, and the Heartland Institute staff members who provided him with the documents have been published by the Heartland Institute. Nothing very surprising, except perhaps that the Heartland Institute didn’t request any proof at all of Gleick’s identity when asking for confidential documents.

In a related story, Gleick is at least temporarily stepping down from his role as the head of the Pacific Institute, which he has led for over 20 years, while the institute investigates this story and decides on the proper action to take.

2nd New York State Judge Upholds Fracking Ban

New York State Supreme Court Justice Donald Cerio ruled on Friday that towns and cities in New York have a right to ban fracking if they wish, which some have now done.

“Municipalities are not preempted … from enacting local zoning ordinances which may prohibit oil, gas and solution drilling or mining,” Cerio wrote. “The state maintains control over the ‘how’ of (drilling) procedures while the municipalities maintain control over the ‘where.'”

obama tar sands announcement

Obama: Americans Aren’t Stupid

Well, I think everyone knows that’s debatable, but it’s good to see Obama drilling home the point that it is actually completely stupid to think that drilling, alone, will keep our gas prices from rising fast. If only GOP Congresspeople weren’t so stupid (or, perhaps more accurately, deceitful).

LEGO Going All-In On Offshore Wind Energy

LEGO owners have dropped a cool $500 million on offshore wind power in Germany, clean power that will provide it with all of its energy needs up through 2020!

Porsche Has Eco-Conscious Sports Car On The Way

Porsche may have a couple of super-eco-friendly sports cars on the way soon, a plug-in hybrid 911 and an electric Boxter. We’ll have to wait and see.

Story Of The Bricked Tesla Roadster

Apparently, there’s a lot of fuss going around about the ‘bricking’ of a Tesla Roadster. It’s really not the ‘scandal’ or issue EV-haters are making it out to be at all and is, I think, primarily one ignorant owner’s fault, but if you want the full story, check the link above.

us congress

221 Members Of Congress Want To Doom Your Kids To A Hellish, Hot Future

221 members of Congress, 207 Republicans and 14 Democrats, have sent and shared a letter asking that important and long-delayed EPA greenhouse gas emissions regulations be killed. To put it simply, this would, no doubt, ensure more individuals are killed from the terrible effects of global warming that are already appearing around the world (but which could get much, much worse).

Wow. 1/4 Of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Come From Fossil Fuels Mined & Drilled On Public Lands

Yikers. “A new report by Stratus Consulting and commissioned by The Wilderness Society released [Sunday] morning shows that 23 percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from oil, gas, and coal extracted from federal lands and waters,” Climate Progress reports.

Electricity-Generating Clothes?!

Yep, scientists are working on some super-cool new technology, Power Felt, that could generate electricity from waste heat all over the place, from your clothes to your car to your appliances.

New Homes With $0 Electricity Bills

SolarCity and Shea Homes have teamed up to offer homes in several U.S. states that have $0 electricity bills due to solar power and energy-efficient appliances and building design. Looking for a new home? Check out their $0-electricity-bill options! 😀

Invisible Solar Panels?!

They will never be as efficient as traditional solar panels, but they offer a lot of practical use and can be combined with windows for very eco- and pocket-friendly clean energy production! Their not ready for commercial production yet, but NREL and New Energy Technologies are making progress on invisible (or transparent) solar cells that could one day be combined with your windows!

Mayan Civilization Collapse Linked to Moderate Reduction in Rainfall

The world is facing moderate to extreme changes in rainfall due to global warming and climate change. Meanwhile, a new study in the journal Science, “Collapse of Classic Maya Civilization Related to Modest Reduction in Precipitation,” notes that the downfall of ancient Mayan civilization was linked to “modest” reductions in rainfall. “What seems like a minor reduction in water availability may lead to important, long-lasting problems,” the lead author notes.

Images: Global Warming Egg via AZRainman; Greenpeace oil rig activists via Greenpeace; Ed Markey via Government Printing Office (GPO) on Wikimedia Commons; Climate change activist girl is screenshot of Heartland Department of Education video; Peter Gleick via World Economic Forum; New York State on U.S. map via shutterstock; Obama photo via Justin Sloan; LEGO Man via de Raaf; Porsche via Wikimedia Commons; Bricks via Shutterstock; US Congress via kevindooley; coal drilling on public lands via Climate Progress; Power Felt via Wake Forest University; Trilogy Home via Shea Homes; Cat in window via the12thplaya; Mayan Ruins via shutterstock

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