3,000 Miles for Bicyclists: East Coast Greenway Scales the Eastern Seaboard

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The East Coast Greenway

One of the longest bike trails in the world, The East Coast Greenway is a 3,000 mile network of bike trails that was conceived in 1991 and is nearing completion. It runs all along the eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida. I believe this is going to be for the bicyclist and passionate adventure what the Appalachian Trail is for serious hikers. The commitment to making the greenway safe is an ongoing and a co-operative effort between the non-profit, East Coast Greenway Alliance (ECGA), and local communities.

The East Coast Greenway

Force of Nature in Transportation Infrastructure

In 1991 our love of the bicycle found a new beginning. Many thanks to that group of folks who started the ECGA. Due to their love of outdoor bicycling, their vision is manifested. Fresh air and the bliss of long-distance freedom is available now.

The goal, ultimately, is to have a network of trails that is completely free of traffic, completely free of automobiles. The ECGA’s work is committed to a strong partnership with local groups in fifteen states and they will grow until this goal is met.

East Coast Greenway Bike Ride with Mayor Nutter

Cycle Away

Cyclists can flow free from the inside chaos of urban communities and stream out into the open road, being one with the wilderness. This becomes a way of life and a form of balance. The East Coast Greenway compels us to unplug,  give thanks, breathe, and cycle away.

The East Coast Greenway, like other bike trails worldwide, is becoming a leading force of nature in our transportation infrastructure. The heart of this project intends to give people looking for something more enjoyable than the automobile a new greener option for travel. It is recreation, challenge, and rebirth of an age-old healthful leisure.

Automobile-Free, Light-Traffic Roads, and Major Cities Connections

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One has to consider one’s aptitude, ability, and skills for serious biking before deciding on which section to travel. 25 percent is already safe with traffic-free paths, and there is no doubt that one of the intents of this project is safety. The other part of the route is on light-traffic roads. However, there are also sections that only a skilled and experienced rider should travel.

Linking all the major cities of the eastern seaboard, this route runs between our northern friend, Canada, and Key West, FL.

East Coast Greenway

The East Coast Greenway works in partnership with local groups in fifteen states, with the desire to connect the trails to all the major Eastern cities. At this time, twenty five cities are connected to the trail. They use traffic-free roads or they chose light-traffic roads good for cycling to connect to the trail.

Serious bikers can say “see you later” to their friends in New York and travel to Miami on a bike in friendly biking conditions. Bikers will be near a seaside stop anywhere along the way.

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