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Published on November 4th, 2011 | by Zachary Shahan

Yep, Fracking Seems to Cause Earthquakes

fracking causes earthquakes england

We’ve covered the potential link between fracking and natural gas a few times here on Planetsave (as well as its link to flammable water). For more on the earthquake link, see:

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Now, news is a study has found fracking to be the “probable” cause of earthquakes in England. (Yeah, earthquakes? England? That was sure to ring some alarms.) As Chris DeMorro wrote on sister site Gas2:

I associate a lot of things with England; bad teeth, bad weather, and bad food (except for fish & chips!) But “earthquakes” was never on the list until this morning….

Environmentalists have claimed that fracking causes earthquakes for a few years now, and the damage to water tables near fracking operations is well documented. But it is another thing for a company engaged in the practice of fracking to openly admit that, well, yeah, we might be causing earthquakes….

Yes, just another warning signal that we’re rushing into natural gas fracking too fast. I think massive deployment of solar and wind energy would be a safer and more socially beneficial bet. Unless a gas company can explain to us how earthquakes and flammable water are actually good for us… (I wouldn’t put it past them to make such an argument.)

Photo Credit: Modification of Earthquake via Shutterstock on Gas2

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