The Climate Movement and Occupy Wall Street

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Some people think ‘duh!’ when others say that the Occupy Wall Street protests are connected with the climate movement. Others, not so much. Either way, Imma lay it out for you.

We are all a movement for change for the better, whether that be towards a sustainable future, or whether it’s towards ending corporate rule over our economy. We must stand together for change, change that happens, change that makes sense, change that is in our hands, not in the hands of the 1% and not in the hands of people who put religion and their personal morals over our freedom.

Perhaps I’ve just been reading too much realistic literature and need to stick my head down in the sand again, but let’s be honest; if we cannot even out the wealth, and if we cannot create a sustainable future without fossil fuels, we are screwed. Our rights will be taken away by the 1% with the money, and our land, water, and air will be polluted to the point that 99% of us will have cancer. We do not want to be that 99%!

Do not wait. Our future is in the making now. The time to stand up for justice is now.

Look for events and other ways to get involved here:

Occupy Together — Information on Occupations happening across the world.

Occupy on October 15th — Events happening across the whole world on October 15th.

Hands Around the White House — Event in DC on November 6th.

Please Join us!

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