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Moon (10 Friday Photos + extra)

Moon Photo 1

The Moon — something that, wherever you are, it’s beautiful. Even though it’s so far away from us, we can still admire its beauty in solitude or at a date. Some of us would like to make a step on the Moon, some of us want to look at it from distance — however, it’s always something that we call amazing, mysterious, or adorable.

Of course, the Moon is the prettiest when we just look at it, but I guess these photos show us a big part of its pleasurable look.

Moon Photo 2

Photo Credit: RainerSchuetz

Moon Photo 3

Photo Credit: NiCo’

Moon Photo 4

Photo Credi: Lazar Slavkovic

Moon Photo 5

Photo Credit: friedkampes

Moon Photo 6

Photo Credit: northernkite

Moon Photo 7

Photo Credit: rayvensmoon

Moon Photo 8

Photo Credit: oceandestoilets

Photo Credit 9

Photo Credit: dmmaus

Moon Photo 10

Photo Credit: c@rljones

Moon Photo 11

Photo Credit: Lee Petersen

Moon Photo 12

Photo Credit: robbiesydney

Which one did you like the most? Do you often watch the Moon?

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Top Photo Credit: rayvensmoon

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