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Help Matt Damon & Others Bring Water to More People.. for Life

This post is Planetsave’s contribution to Important Media’s celebration of World Water Week.

developing world water

Can you imagine a day without clean drinking water? Can you imagine a few days without water? Can you imagine a lifetime without clean water?

Not fun things to imagine, but over a billion people around the world face such issues… every day.

We’ve covered the water crisis and ways to address it a number of times here on Planetsave (never feels like enough, though). Here are some staggering facts we’ve run across:

• 77 million people in Bangladesh have arsenic in their drinking water
• 80% of the world’s people face water insecurity
• 1 out of 6 people around the world currently don’t have access to clean water
• If you haven’t done the calculations yet, more people die from lack of clean water than from war.. a lot more

This video does a pretty decent job of trying to show us how lucky we are, and how unlucky many people around the world are:

World Water Week and Your Chance to DO Something!

Now, there are a lot of ways you can do your part to try to address this issue. You can conserve water in numerous ways and you can support some of the many great organizations out there working to provide clean water to more people, for example.

One such organization we’ve featured in the past is, founded by Matt Damon and Gary White. Check out Matt and Gary in the video below for more information on the organization:

Visit today to help bring clean water to more people. It doesn’t take much to provide people with clean water for life!

Other World Water Week Posts from Important Media Sites

Image via Oxfam International

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  • melanie Knapp

    It’s so important to think of those less fortunate espWith a Little Bit of Hope
    We hear you-
    Singing your songs,
    Drumming up some
    Love and care for your people.

    Intelligence, peace, harmony, hope.

    We hear you-
    Talking your talk,
    Sharing some
    Love and care for people in Africa.

    Consideration, empathy, sincerity, persistence.

    You aren’t so small.
    We aren’t so small.
    Life isn’t so small.
    The world isn’t so small.

    Kindness, cheerfulness, partnership, health.

    Working towards helpful goals,
    Creating a lovable world,
    That children want to live in.

    Large to small, small to large.
    Heart to mind, mind to heart.
    Hand in hand, counting on years of wisdom,
    Knowledge and experience as guidance.

    Step up to courage.
    Step in time to the music of hope.
    Step forward to the future.
    Step back to a lifetime of learning.

    Three steps forward, two steps back.
    But keep traveling towards a sustainable, attainable, lovable future.

    ecially when busy lives can seem so full of important details yet our sisters and brothers in other countries can use our prayers and help.

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