Daryl Hannah on Why She's Protesting Tar Sands in DC (Video)

Published on August 25th, 2011 | by

August 25th, 2011 by

Here’s one more piece today on the climate action going on in DC to try to stop the tar sands pipeline. Specifically, to try to get Obama to deny the permits for it. Was also shared in our Top Activism Stories of the day post — take a look at that for more.

The Tar Sands pipeline, if built, as leading NASA climate scientist James Hansen has said, would be an “end game” for climate change. We would be totally, totally screwed. That is why hundreds of people are getting arrested in DC over a two week period of time (starting last Saturday) and why this is a make-or-break decision for Obama with environmentalists.

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  • Daryl Hannah is a true warrior. It is only until 2013 we have to help her in this cause. She has to do her work in America with youz and I will do what I can in Canada and send help, news, her way. Are we ready! TransCanada Corp is breaking Canadian Constitutional Law. Excerpt from Manitoba Government Web page –> “The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled, under Section 35 of the Constitution Act, the Crown has a legal duty to consult with Aboriginal peoples about any action or decision that might affect Aboriginal or treaty rights. ” (under the search word Duty to Consult). Well this process was not taken and so let’s shake em up and throw the book at em with all dilligence and peace. Time to let these greedy, sleepy politicians lose their power by us taking it! In my community the politicians hand out jobs and everyone remains silent while us “radicals” hold them accountable! You go Daryl!