U.S. Breaks Extreme Weather Records, Asia Breaks Extreme Heat Records (+ Top Science News)

The U.S. has already set its new record for most damage caused from extreme weather events in a year. (We haven’t even hit hurricane season and there’s also no end in sight to Texas’ devastating, record-breaking drought). The tab is already over $1 billion this year, with the cumulative total since records began being $35 billion.

From droughts to floods to tornadoes, the NOAA reports that 9 natural disasters have already slammed the U.S. this year.

On the other side of the planet, 6 countries in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa set new record highs this summer.

Not fun stuff.. of course, don’t make any connections….

global warming

Now, here are some top climate and environmental science stories of the week, other than the several we’ve already covered here on Planetsave:

Climate Scientists Speaking Up

  1. Texas Climate Scientist Katharine Hayhoe Responds To Rick Perry
  2. Texas Scientists: $5 Billion Drought Caused By Deadly Combination Of Climate Variability And Carbon Pollution
  3. Settled Science – Humans are Raising CO2 Levels
  4. Joseph E. Postma and the Greenhouse Effect
  5. Joseph E. Postma and the Greenhouse Effect Part 2

Climate Science “Skeptics”/Deniers

  1. Joe Bastardi is ‘Completely Wrong’ and ‘Does Not Understand the Very Basics of the Science’, Climatologists Explain
  2. Climate Skeptic Fool’s Gold
  3. A new SkS resource: climate skeptics and their myths

More Science News

  1. Study Finds State Protections for Coal Ash Grossly Inadequate
  2. Myriad chemicals measured in urban children may further health risks.
  3. U.S. carbon emissions jumped nearly 4 percent in 2010
  4. Plants And Animals Are ‘Fleeing Global Warming,’ Study Finds
  5. New research details threats to mammals found in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  6. Lake Tahoe clarity second-worst on record

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