Activism Stories {Weekly Round-Up}

Some top environmental, climate, animal activism news from the past week or so (other than what we’ve already covered)….

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Activism, In General

  1. Avaaz: activism or ‘slacktivism’? [Guardian]
  2. Undercover – the book and the blog [Guardian]
  3. Undercover police officer unlawfully spied on climate activists, judges rule [Guardian]
  4. Greenpeace to Launch Global Digital Innovation Lab; Hires Michael Silberman, Online Pioneer, To Lead Initiative [Huffington Post]
  5. Power station activists win appeal over missing police spy’s tapes [Guardian]
  6. CPS in crisis as allegations of suppressed evidence wreck trials [Guardian]
  7. Tapping Social Media To Muster a Vast Green Army [Climate Progress]

Coal, Oil, & Climate Activism

  1. Activists Halt Mountaintop Removal At Coal River Mountain [Think Progress]
  2. A Former Coal Mining Community Fights for Environmental Justice (Video) [TreeHugger]
  3. Cairn’s Twitter injunction backfires [Guardian]
  4. Will the Live-Action ‘Captain Planet’ Film Have the Guts to Take on Climate Change? [TreeHugger]
  5. 5 Successful Reforestation Projects [sustainablog]
  6. Dozens of Activists invade headquarters of Arctic oil drillers [Greenpeace]
  7. Polar Bears occupy Cairn Energy’s Headquarters [Greenpeace]

Animal Activism

  1. Activists Hate Foie Gras Donuts, Protest Restaurant [Huffington Post]
  2. Stop foie gras promotion [Animal Aid]
  3. Urge Western Governors to Prevent Wholesale Wolf Slaughter [Defenders of Wildlife]
  4. Communities for tigers [WWF]

Other Environmental Activism

  1. Clean Air Groups Demand EPA Action on California Smog [Earthjustice]
  2. Activists take action to detox future; Australian farmers oppose to GM crop trials [Greenpeace]
  3. See Stephen Poliakoff’s WWF film [Guardian]
  4. XM3N mannequins reveal their mission: To challenge Nike and Adidas to “Detox” [Greenpeace]
  5. Greenpeace reacts to TEPCO claims of accomplishing 1st phase of Fukushima crisis plan [Greenpeace]

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