Transportation Energy Use {Infographic}

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May 31st, 2011 by

One of our sister sites,, recently had a great infographic on the energy efficiency of movement that I thought was worth a share on here as well. As I point out repeatedly here on Planetsave, transportation is one of the biggest contributors to our environmental problems and one of the critical factors reducing our quality of life today. The infographic mentions, for instance, that 22% of worldwide energy use and 27% of carbon emissions are from transportation (the figures are even higher in the U.S.).

Why do I write about bicycling soooo much here on Planetsave? Because, as you can see in the infographic, it is the most efficient mode of transportation out there (or “main” mode at least — don’t know how it compares to things like roller blades, human-powered scooters, and so on… but think it is still more efficient than those options). At about 984 miles per gallon, no other mode of transport can even compare to it! And, of course, automobiles are worlds away.

Energy use of different transportation options is an important thing to consider when you are wondering where to live, how to transport yourself around, how to organize your budget for maximum savings, and many other matters. Clean or green or alternative transportation can save you a ton of money and make you feel better about yourself (as well as making you healthier, which, again, will save you money and make you feel better).

For a lot more interesting info on transportation energy use and which modes of transport are the greenest check out this great infographic (click to enlarge):

transportation energy use infographic

Infographic via WellHome Energy Audits

More thoughts? More transportation data to share? Drop them in the comments below!!

More infographics.

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