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Published on May 28th, 2011 | by Zachary Shahan


Videos of 7 Activists Who Got Jailed This Week for Hanging “Chevron Guilty: Clean Up Amazon” Banner from Bridge

chevron amazon activists jailed

7 activists from the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) got jailed earlier this week for standing with 30,000 Ecuadoreans who have been affected by Chevron’s toxic legacy. These activists, as you can see in the videos below, climbed and dropped a banner from the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge near Chevron’s Richmond refinery with the statement “Chevron Guilty: Clean Up Amazon” on it.

More videos from the activists here and here.

The activists are now out of jail and have been charged with misdemeanors. Ecuador is still polluted from Chevron’s disregard for humanity and nature and tremendous suffering has not been assuaged — Chevron remains completely unpunished.

“Last week, the 30,000 Ecuadoreans affected by Chevron’s toxic legacy in the Amazon issued a moving ‘Open Letter to the United States’ calling on Americans to stand with them in demanding justice.” See more in the Amazon Watch video below (best if you speak Spanish):

More on the History of Chevron’s Toxic Legacy from Planetsave

As I’ve written previously, Chevron was convicted of greatly polluting the Ecuadorian Amazon in February of this year. However, despite the court conviction, it has stated that it will never clean up its mess in the Amazon or pay for it. Classy…. Learn more in the stories below:

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  3. Chevron Insults and Attacks Indigenous People in Ecuador, Counter-Sues
  4. Comedy Video “Anatomy of a Greenwash” Keeps the Focus on Chevron

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  • Anonymous

    What is unfortunate is  the activists are helping Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa continue a regime where the state-owned oil company pollutes, oil companies from China and Brazil pollute, the media is owned. Meanwhile, American companies who were gone almost 20 years ago get blamed, and attacked by gullible Americans.  Crazy.

    • Anonymous

      the pollution caused by former companies now swallowed up are unprecedented.
      justice should be served, even if it should be served elsewhere as well

    • Mike

      That is an absurd comment. These activists were standing up with the 30,000 Ecuadoreans demanding justice in the Amazon. How you connect that to any excesses of Correa’s administration is more than a stretch, it’s a downright fallacy. For nearly two decades Texaco, which Chevron bought in 2001, deliberately dumped over 18 billion gallons of toxic oil waste in the Amazon and spilled over 16 billion gallons of oil. Petroecuador is far from blameless but that’s another fight entirely. Chevron must be held accountable for deliberately polluting the Amazon, and these activists were calling on the company to do so.

      • Zachary Shahan

        Thank you for the additional comment, Mike. Completely agree (of course)

        • Mike G.

          Thanks for posting about this, Zachary. Would love to chat with you some time about this campaign.

          • Zachary Shahan

            Yeah, definitely. Would love to get a little more info and do some follow-up posts.

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