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Scotland Plans World's Largest Underwater Tidal Turbine Project

Iberdrola subsidiary ScottishPower Renewables plans to install a tidal power project between two islands, Islay and Jura, in the inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. The expected power output of the £40million project will be 10 MW,  enough to power twice the number of homes on nearby Islay.

Iberdrola had invested $8 billion in the US, and birthed a US subsidiary, Iberdrola USA in 2008 on high hopes of a big new US wind market, but now with the change in fickle America – we voted in representatives to say climate change simply doesn’t exist – it is pulling back from wind farm development in the US.

When it pulled out of the US, Iberdrola cited the changing regulatory environment here (which is a polite way of describing the Tea Party takeover.)

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