Take Cold Showers (Going Green Tip #13)

The best things in life are free. This doesn’t only apply to open source applications on the web but other aspects of life as well. You may be surprised, but one of the best things you can do for yourself and mother nature is take cold showers on a daily basis. Sound crazy? Yes, it does, and yet it’s one of the healthiest daily activities you can perform.

You may undergo a shock the first time you do it but with time you will get used to this discomfort. Interestingly, some find it to be pleasurable. I find it to be rewarding, once everything is over. The benefits of taking cold showers are as follows:

  • Blood – cold water will force the blood from the outer organs to the inner ones. This will make you feel refreshed and full of energy.
  • Mental – improves concentration, and heals depression.
  • Stress – improves the way we deal with and handle stress. Increases our resistance to it.
  • Skin – closes the pores, makes it look younger, may even make it glow.
  • Hair – looks healthier, shinier, and stronger.
  • Health –  makes us more resistant to colds and allergies.
  • Fertile – increases sperm count.

Please keep in mind that most people take their showers and hot baths in temperatures ranging from 38-42 degrees Celsius. Our standard body temperature is 37.3 degrees Celsius, so it is advisable to start with warmer water first and then gradually lower the temperature until 10-15 degrees Celsius is reached. Of course, you don’t get down to these numbers during your first trial. Personally, I would first get used to 18C, and in future sessions try lowering this number. Once you get used to cold showers, 10-15 degrees Celsius shouldn’t be a problem. However, I would discourage you from washing your head in such temperatures. Therefore, please start with mild water and wash your hair and then move on to your body.

You masochists who find cold showers to be pleasurable can try switching to something more extreme. You may try a hot shower afterwards and switch back and forth several times. Each session should last about 3-5 minutes. However, once you’re done, you should dress up quickly in room temperature and recover.

Please keep in mind that cold showers are forbidden for people who are heaving heart problems, or are ill. Such therapy can be only practiced by individuals who are healthy. Also, it’s not recommended for women who are having their menstruation cycle. Cold water will make your heart beat at high rates and breathe deeply in order to pump out the rushing fresh blood supply.

From an environmental perspective, cold showers will lower your global footprint as well as save you some money. Heat/electricity will not be required anymore, expect energy to fill up the boiler. Your presence in the shower cabin will be also reduced, lowering your demand for fresh water, a scarce resource.

A lot of information can be found on the history and culture of cold showers at The Art of Manliness. A lot of comments and personal experiences with cold showers can be found at Earth Clinic.

Good luck and remember to shower for at least 3 minutes and no more than 10, which will cause under low temperatures (10-15 degrees Celsius) discomfort and loss of consciousness.

Try it tonight and share your experience with us!

Piotr Jędrzejuk is founder and webmaster of the Sustainable Business Performance online community. He is a passionate and experienced IT specialist with a multicultural background. Piotr’s focus is web development and sustainability. Currently, he is a student pursuing a MSc in International Business Management. You can follow him on Twitter @sustainbusper.

Photo Credits: Martin-James; Sbrimbillina

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