Slaughterhouse Illegality and Cruelty Exposed in UK

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November 30th, 2010 by

decapitated cow

Sheep decapitated whilst still alive; calves slipping and collapsing repeatedly to the floor for three hours; goats leaping into the killing area to try to evade the stunning tongs… These are among the scenes secretly filmed by Animal Aid at F Drury & Sons slaughterhouse in Wiltshire.

Sounds horrible, eh? I can hardly read it it is so disgusting. As has been done in the US by similar organizations, Animal Aid has done noble work to expose the horrible, illegal practices existent and all too common in UK slaughterhouses. Unfortunately, it is an uphill battle. Despite video proof of numerous illegal practices, the government is hardly doing anything to try to remedy the problem or prosecute the offenders. Here’s more from the story quoted above:

The national campaign group’s latest slaughterhouse exposé comes as industry representatives, veterinary agencies and government regulators debate how best to enforce laws in British slaughterhouses following Animal Aid’s 18-month undercover investigation into seven randomly chosen UK abattoirs. In six of the seven, legal breaches and animal cruelty were filmed. Yet, perversely, and despite declarations that reform was imminent, the government dropped prosecutions against eight slaughterers and four slaughterhouse operators caught on Animal Aid’s covert cameras.

Animal Aid’s secret filming at F Drury & Sons, which kills sheep, goats, calves and adult cows, also shows evidence of breaches of the Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) regulations. The law states that, after their throats are cut, no further procedure may be carried out on sheep for at least 20 seconds. This is because the animal is likely to still be alive. But at F Drury & Sons, sheep routinely had their necks dislocated and their heads cut off immediately after their throats were cut.

chicken being slaughtered

If you can stomach it, read more on Animal Aid’s website.

As Head of Campaigns at Animal Aid, Kate Fowler, notes, with legislation to protect animals and stop ridiculous animal cruelty being ignored and no prosecution forthcoming, how is anything in UK slaughterhouses going to change? If these issues concern you, the one of the best things you can do to stop such cruelty is go vegetarian or even vegan.

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Photo Credits: Dror Feuer via flickr (CC license); Farm Sanctuary via flickr (CC license)

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