Published on August 24th, 2010 | by Zachary Shahan

Protect Communities from Toxic Coal Ash [VIDEO]

toxic coal ash

Help stop the poisoning of America from coal power plants today.

Coal power plants are horrible for the world because they cause global warming and destroy mountains and mountian habitats. But there are numerous other reasons to oppose coal power, including some serious health reasons (beyond the health reasons associated with global warming and ecosystem destruction, that is).

Heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and mercury are some of the hazardous materials that seep into the drinking water supplies of people all across the U.S. from coal ash disposal sites. These are linked to an increased risk of cancer, learning disabilities, birth defects and other illnesses.

Thankfully, there is currently a little window of opportunity open to tell the EPA that enough is enough and you don’t want coal power plants poisoning you or other Americans anymore.

And your support is needed, since you can be sure that the coal industry is fighting us all to its death.

“The EPA is holding a public comment period on new, federally enforceable standards to protect Americans, but the coal industry is fighting back, trying to put their profits before our health,” a petition by the Sierra Club on says.

“What’s more, dirty coal’s allies in Congress are pressuring the EPA to abandon strong regulation of toxic coal ash. If coal companies get their way, Americans living near one of the over 2,000 coal ash disposal sites across the country will face serious health risks.”

Send a message to the EPA today to support it in standing up to King Coal.

There are other important ways you can take action up until September 20 as well.

The positive news: 1) You have an opportunity to help turn things around, and 2) when I signed the petition above, 9,781 others had already done so. Help us reach 10,000 today!

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