Important Media Weekly Roundup

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August 22nd, 2010 by

Important Media weekly roundup

Here’s my roundup of some great articles from around the Important Media network this last week. Hope you like them.

The Inspired Economist

Cindy Tickle had an interesting article on a recent interview (and especially one statement) made by John Elkington, Founder and Non-Executive Director of SustainAbility and Founding Partner and Director of Volans Ventures this week. The key statement is this:

“I feel that sustainability is going to be impossible unless we have a really major economic meltdown. And I’ve been feeling that we were headed toward some element of that for some years. I don’t think as yet we have had enough of that crisis to really force a re-think.”

Another good piece by Cindy reminds us that, every day, we vote with our money. We vote for what we want based on what we spend our money on. What are you spending your money on every day? Sustainably-grown food? Sustainable transportation? Or the opposite?


Jennifer Kaplan had a helpful post this week on 12 great (and free!) energy efficiency resources. Definitely worth a look.

Green Building Elements

Glenn Meyers had a uplifting story this last week on the Salvation Army hiring 400 native Haitians to build shelters in the country, in order to “assist in relocating earthquake-displaced Haitians back to their home communities.” A nice read.


Some really good food and rainforest news this week comes from General Mills, via Becky Striepe. The major food company has committed to only using sustainable palm oil in its products, thanks to a good push from the Rainforest Action Network to do so. As Becky points out, you can also thank CEO Ken Powell for making this move. A good idea if you want to see more of this kind of stuff in the future.

Heather Carr also had a great piece I couldn’t pass up. on the amount of energy that is used in U.S. food production. Some big figures.


Rhonda Winter had a story (plus video) on the always great Vandana Shiva (one of my heroes) calling out the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) for creating a global food crisis. A must-see post and video.

I also wrote one that I think is worth sharing here, a story on a new study put out by IBM looking at where the world’s most painful commutes are, and giving us a hint of just how painful they are.

Crafting a Green World

I love baby carriers that wrap around a mom or dad’s body. Perhaps because they remind me of my natural upbringing, or perhaps just because they are so warm and comfy looking. Julie Finn had a nice piece this last week on how to “recreate” some of your favorite baby carriers.

Feelgood Style

In addition to her EatDrinBetter posts, Becky Striepe has a great post this week on a hot new fashion trend, zero waste design. It includes a cool video on eco-friendly design, too.

And she has a nice one focused around a beautiful quote by Audrey Hepburn, on the topic of natural beauty, that I highly recommend checking out.

Fail Drill

Joshua S Hill wrote on the large amount of oil that still remains in the Gulf 5 days ago, 80% at the time.

And David Anderson had an interesting piece (plus video) on the “great” safety training oil spill cleanup workers received prior to getting into the oily, toxic mess.

Not exactly the most uplifting stuff, but important to be informed about.

Hope you enjoyed some of these articles from around the Important Media network. Check out any of those individual sites for more along those lines!

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