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Our latest roundup of great news stories from around the Important Media network.

The Inspired Economist

Lane Jost discussed Vermont Hospital’s goal to become the greenest health care facility in the United States on The Inspired Economist (TIE) earlier this week, an interesting and promising effort.

Emily DeMasi also has a cool post on how community investing is the fastest growing area of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI).

And Heidi Tolliver-Nigro has an interesting post on responsible forest management.


New co-editor of Ecopreneurist, Jennifer Kaplan, has a wonderful post on how California businesses can get 0% financing(!) for efficiency improvements.

The other co-editor of Ecopreneurist, Leah Edwards, has an interesting post on the cost of creating American jobs, and how it has risen over the years.

Green Building Elements

Ever wanted to know what you could do with an old garage door? Chris Keenan has some suggestions for how to reuse a garage door on Green Building Elements (GBE) this week.

Glenn Meyers also has a good post on how to save energy by building a passive house.

And Glenn has another post on “The Art of Dirt” exhibition going on in Denver. Definitely worth a look if you’re in that region,… and even if you’re not.


Over on Eat.Drink…Better., editor Becky Striepe has a must-read on an endangered Russian Seed Bank and efforts to save it.

And I know I just said that was a must-read, but here’s a must-must-read: Jeannie Moulton has a post on the 1st strong evidence of genetically modified plants growing in the wild in the US.

Becky also has one on “cloned cows in European groceries,” Rachel Shulman has a book review of The Backyard Homestead, Heather Carr has one on the Genetically Engineered Organism Liability Act of 2010 – H.R. 5579, and I have a fun one on Mike Tyson and “the Old Spice Guy” going vegan!

And there are numerous more good articles on food over there!


There are a handful of really fun articles over on EcoLocalizer this week.

Susanna Schick has one on how railLA inspires Angelenos to ride the rails, editor Rhonda Winter has one on how everyone’s work is equally important, one on the BP oil spill being the largest oil spill in history, and another one about the fact that the FBI spied on Howard Zinn since 1949!

And, on a topic I’ve long been curious about, Dave Dempsey has a great piece on how dangerous cell phones are (or are known to be).

Crafting a Green World

If you’re into crafts and sewing, Wenona Napolitano has a cool piece on 8 clothing projects you can make from pillowcases, and another one on 10 crafty green things to do with old sweaters.

Crafting a Green World editor Kelly Rand has an interesting and useful article on how to use your old toothpaste tubes to make a toothbrush holder.

And, if you’re into art and into addressing global warming before it gets out of hand (oh wait, isn’t it already?), Becky Striepe discusses an “Art for a Cooler Climate” contest.

Feelgood Style

Want to stay fresh without poisoning yourself or the environment? Lucille Chi introduces us to Lafe’s Natural and Organic Deodorant just for that purpose.

Also on Feelgood Style, Susanna Schick tells us about the “Eco Chic | Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion” exhibit running through August 21st at the Scandinavia House in New York City.

Fail Drill

Rounding up this weekly Important Media roundup, Important Media founder and publisher David Anderson exposes us to a short video primer on the effects of the BP oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico.

He also shares a great infographic from 1BOG home solar on how much solar energy we could get for the cost of the BP oil spill disaster.

He also posted another one of Joe Mohr’s cartoons (we posted a great one of his yesterday here on Planetsave — “If Climate Change were a Dog“), this one being about “BP getting all cap-happy.”

Hope you enjoyed some of these articles from around the Important Media network. Check out any of those individual sites for more along those lines!

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