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July 31st, 2010 by

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Some great recent news from the Important Media network.

The Inspired Economist

Walmart and Seventh Generation have joined forces to bring sustainable products to the masses!

Emily DeMasi discusses an excellent documentary about America’s dependence on foreign oil titled FUEL and asks “Why have I not seen this before???”

“Summer travel doesn’t always have to entail long airport security lines or expensive fill-ups at the pump. In fact, you can see much of the East Coast for as little as $1!” Read more: “Travel Green! An eco-friendly option.


Jeff Cain does a great job of discussing the biggest key to green building this week, location!

Jeff also has a good piece on how data and technology can make us greener.

Green Building Elements

There is good news and bad news for solar energy lately. On story that can go under both categories is this one: Demand for Solar Panels Drains Supply

One that can go straight into the good news category is: “Welcoming the World’s First Molten Salt Concentrating Solar Power Plant


Some folks think genetically modified (GM) food is great; some think it’s horrible (e.g. me). But, really, shouldn’t people at least have the right to know if food is GM or not? You would think so, but making this so has been a long hard struggle. Heather Carr has a post about a bill on this matter moving through Congress right now: “The Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act – H.R. 5577

On the personal scale, don’t waste your delicious, non-GM, home-grown fruits and veggies this year. Racel Fox tells you how in “Canning your Goods: Tips for Home Food Preservation

Making a case against bottled water, Becky Striepe has a wonder infographic on “Why You Should Stop Drinking Bottled Water” — check it out.

These are actually the three most recent of dozens of good posts on Eat.Drink…Better. this week. Rather than flood you with little excerpts, I’ll just recommend you head on over there to check them all out.


Dave Dempsey discussed the recent Michigan oil spill and the questions it raises over on EcoLocalizer yesterday, while Rhonda Winter discussed the Louisiana oil spill a few days ago.

Rhonda also discusses “how incredibly pervasive the influence of the massive petroleum industry is within our government, academia and society” with the help of a great Rachel Maddow/MSNBC video.

And Dave Dempsey has a piece we should all care about: “New Study: Pollution Costs Children and Economy

Fail Drill

For informative but depressing news via Fail Drill, a handful of must-reads are:

Feelgood Style

If you need to relax and clear your mind a bit after reading all those Fail Drill stories, here is a good one from Delia Montgomery on Feelgood Style: “Yoga and Aroma

Crafting a Green World

And, you can find at least a few more good and uplifting reads over on Crafting a Green World. These are some of my favorites:

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