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Amazon River (10 Friday Photos)

Amazon River photo

10 beautiful and fun photos of the Amazon River.

If you haven’t noticed, I love water. Every time I do a post for this 10 Friday Photos series, I seem to pick something related to water or at least include a lot of pics with water in them. Perhaps that’s why Martyna decided to do one on deserts last week, to balance things out a bit.

If I can’t get to the ocean, my next choice for enjoying nature is probably heading to a nice river. I thought I’d make this post 10 beautiful photos of rivers from around the world, but ended up finding so many cool or beautiful Amazon River photos that I decided to just make it an Amazon River post. Enjoy!

Amazon River at Sunset

Amazon river at dusk
Photo Credit: Bruno Girin via flickr

Amazon River sunset
Photo Credit: zrim via flickr

Amazon River sunset photo
Photo Credit: PHOTOPHANATIC1 via flickr

Amazon Baby

Amazon river
Photo Credit: Daniel Zanini H. via flickr

Amazon River Headwaters

Amazon river headwaters
Photo Credit: quinet via flickr

Where 2 Rivers Meet & Mix

Amazon river mixing rivers
Photo Credit: idua_japan via flickr

Floating Houses on the Amazon River

Floating Houses on Amazon River
Photo Credit: Bruno Girin via flickr

Floating Houses on Amazon River
Photo Credit: Bruno Girin via flickr

Amazon River and Rainforest

Amazon river & rainforest

Photo Credit: leoffreitas via flickr

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Top Photo Credit: Kara Allyson via flickr

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