Bikes for Transporting More than People

bike shopping cart

Bikes that are more than bikes. TreeHugger had two nice posts recently on bikes of the future and bikes of the past that help people transport various things besides people. These are definitely worth a share.

As you can see if you are a regular reader here on Planetsave, bikes are a popular topic. Riding a bike is one of the best things you can do in your life to address numerous environmental problems.

Aside from a normal two-wheel bike, there are numerous bikes out there that can help you to complete your everyday tasks, even if they require hauling large amounts of goods.

A couple recent articles on TreeHugger are about exactly such bikes.

One article (“Bike Transforms Into Shopping Cart, Leaves No Excuses for Driving to the Store“) is about a bike that doubles as a shopping cart. The bike (pictured above and below) is called the Ville, The Urban Folding Bike. It was designed by Hyuk-Jae Chang.

It takes just four steps to transform this sweet bike into a shopping cart.

bike shopping carts

Going in reverse, the second post on TreeHugger (“Cargo Bikes For Business: Do They Make Sense Today?“) is about cargo bikes of the past, bikes used by cable guys in the Netherlands, bikes used by phone company workers, bikes used by a kitty litter exchange service (that would be a service that comes and takes your old cat litter away and replaces it with fresh cat litter), and cargo bike races.

Check out those great photos from the past if you are in the mood.

And if you’re a big fan of these cargo bikes, you may like to view bike photo articles on Amsterdam, China, and Portland (Oregon) published on EcoLocalizer that I wrote a few months back.

Images via TreeHugger/Yanko Design

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