When Did Your Mission to Protect the Environment Start? (7 Green Bloggers)

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Seven leading green bloggers tell us a little bit about their lives and what influenced them to go green.


Here is the second post in our new “7 Green Bloggers” series. The question this week is: “When would you say your concern for the natural environment (wanting to help protect, preserve or improve it) started? Was it triggered by any particular event or realization?.”

If you missed last week’s post on the top environmental organizations in the US, you may want to take a look at that one as well.

As I wrote last week, in order to get a diversity of voices participating in this series, the mixture of green bloggers is different each week.

Hope you like this post and check in again next week for the next one in this series.

Jerry James Stone

Jerry is an environmental writer who covers green tech, design and odd green news. And while he doesn’t own a car anymore, he loves to write about those too. He’s a contributing writer for both TreeHugger and Planet Green. His other green ramblings can be found at Mother Nature Network, Care2 and Gas2. He also writes for the local San Francisco blog SFist. His crusade for all things eco started twenty years ago when he ditched his meat-and-potatoes upbringing for something more vegetarian-shaped.

In response to the question above, Jerry wrote:

“There’s never been a point when I wasn’t concerned for the environment. My father was largely into camping and the outdoors and so it was a huge part of my childhood. And while I didn’t grow up on a farm, sometimes it felt like it. We were surrounded by animals.

“So the concern has always been there. The only progression has been my own accountability. I stopped eating meat when I was a junior in high school (back in ’88). During college I started pursuing organic and sustainable options. And I have been on this path ever since.”

Derek Markham

Derek is a freelance writer, father, blogger, and social media fool, and can be found at sites such as GreenopolisSimple Earth Media, and Media Funnel.

Derek’s response to this week’s question is as follows:

“Initially, my concern for the state of our environment started because of my love of wild and unspoiled places (and realizing how quickly they are disappearing or being trashed), but it really got pushed along during my research on the state of our food systems and our reliance on vast quantities of fossil fuels to support our global economy (as opposed to sustainable local economies). Another big trigger for me was having kids who will eventually inherit the problems we’ve created, and a desire to do my part to leave them with some understanding of how to mitigate our impact on our natural resources.”

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a sustainable MBA powered, three hat wearing green business Swiss army knife: Social media focused PR for green/greening businesses as GreenSmith Consulting, startup centric blogging for Triple Pundit, and ghost writing for _____. Overall, he helps demystify social media for businesses, and lends his brain and considerable network to his clients as needed.

In answer to this week’s question, Paul wrote:

“Ode Magazine has long been a source of inspiration, showcasing people and companies finding creative and positive ways to overcome insurmountable issues and create new possibilities. I got West Nile Virus in 2004, nearly died from it, and when I came back, I decided the best way to support/become like the people I admired in Ode Magazine was to get a sustainable MBA at Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco.

“I think for me it’s been a matter of inspiring people to make more self empowering and planet supportive choices. Whether it’s how they think, the actions they take, or the things that they buy (or choose not to.) The planet, and the natural environment will in the end keep on, whether we’re here or not.”

Rhonda Winter

Rhonda “was raised by wolves; and subsequently has a difficult time interacting with other humans.” She is also a lead writer on one of our sister sites, EcoLocalizer.

In a rather unique answer to this week’s question (like her bio), Rhonda wrote:

“One of my first memories is standing in the middle of our backyard garden watching a full row of green bean plants successively disappear beneath the ground, as two massive gophers sucked the entire plants down into their dug out tunnels underground. This pleased me immensely, as I was not very fond of green beans. I am still trying to work out how to exist in harmony with gophers and everything else.”

Photo Credit: Palojono via flickr/CC license

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