Published on April 21st, 2008 | by Max Lindberg

Do Ethanol, Biodiesel or Biomass Projects Produce Waste? AURI Says NO, on The Lindberg Report.


Alan Doering of AURI says agricultural residues and co-products aren’t waste, they’re potential new revenue streams to power the future.

AURI, or Agricultural Utilization Research Institute of Waseca, Minnesota, is a nonprofit organization that develops new uses for agricultural products and ag-processing co-products.

Alan Doering, an Associate Scientist with AURI, filled me in on steps being taken to utilize every bit of what used to be considered products of the waste stream.

Turkey droppings are fueling a power plant that serves 40,000 homes. Syrup derived from the making of ethanol is being used to power the plant that makes the ethanol. And there’s more on this amazing work in my interview with Alan.


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  • smack a hoe

    i dont get how people could read this for fun

  • ron

    Biofuel progress is being hindered in the U.K currently and elsewhere by fear mongers saying it will be diverting arable land and food resources from the poor.
    Species of high oil yielding plants exist that grow in low rainfall and high salinity and in very marginal land of which my country Australia has plentiful supply, only there possible weed infestation problems are touted as impediments. Should we wring our hands and worry about any vaguely possible problems being insurmountable and use this as an excuse to knock out solutions (that threaten the economic dominance of the oil cartels) while the entire planetary weather system goes haywire? What is the real danger here?

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