Published on April 14th, 2008 | by Max Lindberg

Safe Hydrogen Fuel System Using Water Proven and Ready

jameshuntfiretruck.jpgThe young man with his firetruck has apparently done it! He’s created a system that converts water to hydrogen gas that’ll run that fire engine, and your car.

His name is James Hunt, I wrote about him and his invention last year. Now, from his AKVO Energy headquarters in Monmouth, Illinois, James talks about his invention and says it’s ready for manufacture and marketing.


He refers to a series of videos he’s produced on YouTube, one of which you can see on my accompanying blog on Gas2.

You can see the series of videos on YouTube .

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My home state is Illinois, and my hometown a little railroad/farming community named Galesburg.We lived on a small farm during my high school years and I became very aware of nature and it’s wonders. I loved the out of doors, working with animals, plowing fields and harvesting crops. Those were very good years.After a stint in the Army during the Korean war my broadcasting career took off at the local radio station, a 250 watt “teapot” as it was called in those days. My first job was as an engineer, then the ham came out and I became an announcer/newsman, graduating after several years to a larger market and a stint as a TV journalist/photographer. Cold, wet weather led me to the southwest where I’ve lived for most of the last 40 years, with a couple of years out to have fun working as a private investigator in San Francisco, and a few years working in Las Vegas hotels and casinos. In all, its been a real ride.After retiring a few years back I became fascinated with the efforts being made to find alternative energy sources. I’ve watched our environment deteriorate during my lifetime, and now it’s my chance to join the chorus of intelligent and caring individuals making a difference one day at a time.

  • jim

    Hydrogen fuel is the way of the future.
    I wish this guy luck, he will need it.
    Its not just about development it is also
    Implementation of the product to market,thats
    the hard part when the super rich do not want
    something to happen that will effect their dollars.
    FYI they ,the money people also have control of R&D
    at most if not all automotive companies.With that said,
    I do not think you or I will see this anytime soon in
    the market place,and if he contracts with them you will
    never see it come out.They will just keep pushing the the production date off into the future like they have all the others or better yet, buy his patent and shelf the idea they are experts at doing that.Thanks,from
    Jim h.o.d. systems

  • William Aviles

    I say this hopefully senator Mccain of AZ will speak of you,and good work your a true American

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