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The Lindberg Report Podcast: Yucca Mountain: The Nevada Case Podcast, Part Three

nuclearroutes1.jpgThis is the third and final segment of our interview with Robert Loux, Director of the agency for Nuclear Projects in Nevada.

In our previous podcasts, Yucca Mountain: The Nevada Case Podcast, Part One, Mr. Loux talked about his agency, it’s mission and why the state is so critical of the DOE and it’s practices.

In the second presentation, Yucca Mountain: The Nevada Cast Podcast, Part Two, he talks about the regulatory process and unsuitability of the mountain as a long-term repository for high-level nuclear waste.

In this portion of the interview, Mr. Loux addresses transportation of nuclear waste to the facility, and the apparent faltering support for the project, both in the government and in scientific circles. The Walker River Paiute Indian Nation opposed allowing building of a railroad across their reservation, allowing nuclear waste to be shipped to Yucca Mountain. I asked Mr. Loux if the issue has been resolved.


What will happen to Yucca Mountain is still a subject of speculation. Nevada Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) has a bill pending in the Senate that would end the project, and instead, require new and existing nuclear power facilities to store their spent fuel on site until a suitable repository site is developed.

The Department of Energy announced layoffs at the project, claiming lack of suitable funding when Congress cut over $100 million from the current operating budget. The DOE will probably have to go forward as best it can, since the project is mandated by Congress.

Meanwhile, all Democratic presidential candidates have made it clear they will close Yucca Mountain if and when seated in the White House. Senator Reid has been quoted as saying he will make sure the new president and Congress will bring an end to the project.

Here is a link to the State of Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects.

This link will take you to a very large Government Accounting Office website, where Mr. Loux says you will find negative information on the DOE and its handling of nuclear issues.

The State of Nevada also put up a map of rail, truck and barge routes that would cover nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain. This site breaks it down into states.

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