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Word to the Wise: Don’t Pour Cooking Oil Down the Drain

oil.jpg The holidays are officially upon us, which for many of us means big family dinners with a nice turkey, ham, or prime rib in the middle of the table. And if you are one of those cutting edge chefs that likes to deep fry your holiday fowl, unfortunately, this course bring an uninvited guest in the form of lots of left-over cooking oil.

Granted, you probably generate a fair amount of used cooking oil or grease just making breakfast in the morning, but a deep-fried holiday turkey can generate up to five gallons of oil before you’re done. Or the turkey is done for that matter. And this isn’t the kind of oil you can use to fill up your car when you’re finished with it. At least, not without some preparation.

Your first thought might be to dump the remaining oil down the drain, since after all, it’s a liquid. But stop! When dumped down the drain, cooking oil, and especially cooking grease, can clog up your pipes, back up sewer systems and wreak havoc on the sewer treatment plant at the end of the pipe.


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    That is good advice, except it would be very helpful to let people know what they can do with all of that cooking oil instead of pouring it down the drain.